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Anvils For Hire

Will Mr. Kiwanuka’s soul soothing tones massage the knots out of the hardened iron and bring the long lost anvils together?

We must assemble the forge!

Time will tell…

Clang, Clang.

Get Off Your Bike…… + some NSFW Content

Well the cross season wrapped up today with the Provincials at St. Malo, and many thanks to the organizers for bringing a fun and fitting end to the season.  While we here at the taints of steel are not necessarily known for our constant barrage of blog posts, we do try to bring quality to our posts.  And for that I bring you a post dedicated to specifically not riding your bike, but still racing.

There are a lot of things about cross that suck, in a good way.  The two things that sucked the most about the st. malo course, are the giant run up, and the giant @$$holes waiting for you at the top of that hill.  Like this gentleman right here:

For a recap of this experience, here are a few videos: 

WARNING!!! The language and views expressed here DO represent those of the Taints of Steel, however, many of them are not safe for the virgin ears of children.  Also, several gestures are made which may be considered offensive.  Again, not offensive to the Taints of Steel, but perhaps a little offensive to everyone else.  Also, apologies for the sound, it was windy. So deal with it, the gestures alone make up for it.

Ok, so to recap. Officially NSFW.

Race #1

Race #2

Highlight: @ 1:21 “your mom wants her yoga pants back”


And now on to the photos, a collection of photos featuring people specifically not riding their bikes.

Here’s the problem.  Some of these photos, are also NSFW because of obscene gestures, like this one:

ps, if you desire an original of this photo, please email taintsofsteel@gmail.com, and be sure to CC Brad on the email so he knows your getting one.

Here’s a couple more highlights:

There are lots more photos, but again, obscenities do occur.  So, hide your kids, hide your wife, and make your way to the flickr page:

The mythical beast arrives…..

Family, friends, fellow cyclocross participants, it is with great pleasure that I may inform you that you will no longer have to hide your bike at a race.  No longer will you see Le Crasher arrive at a race on a fixed gear bike, so tattered and torn that not even this city’s finest mechanics can stand the sight of it, circling like a vulture looking for some unsuspecting victim to lend him a bike to destroy.  No longer will you have to wonder, “which sap lent him a bike this time?”  No longer will you will have to you wince when Le Crasher inevitably goes down in a race for fear of another racers mangled handlebars.  Because, I announce to you this day that The Crasher himself, finally, after all these years, has his own bike.

And may I point out that, nearly a year ago, the day The Crasher received his frame in the mail, I predicted a date in which we would finally see a full build of the bicycle:


I was not far off in my prediction, and for that I am proud.

And here, at last, is proof that the mythical beast exists.  I present to you his dragon:

And yes, his bike looks a lot like mine.  Thereby making this a picture of….two dragons.

Darkcross race report to follow shortly.

Cross Season is back…and so are the Taints

Cross season once again upon us.  St. Adolphe Mudfest proved to be a good test of many things; ones ability to transfer from mtb/road racing to cross racing, ones ability to transfer from generally not racing to actual racing; and other things too.

All in all it was a great start to the season, lots of racers new and old.  Many thanks to the people behind this one, it was a blast.  I’ll the photos speak for themselves.  Here’s a few, but all the good ones can be found at www.flickr.com/taintsofsteel

Cromag flies the Taints colors for this first time this year

The Moose, aka Mr. Big and Tall gives us the guns prior to completing his first ever race head injury free.

Unk Hink sports enough Baby Blue to make a person sick….in fact, that might have actually happened.

Der Frauenschwarm carbo loads.

New addition, Menno-lite, takes his first race with business casual approach.  No one to impress here….

And lets just say that the Crasher ended the event predictably….

See you all at Dark Cross next weekend….

NEVER Thumb A Ride On A Fixed Gear

Warning: Linked literature is of a graphic (non-sexual, you sicko Cro-Mag) nature. Read if you dare!


My Condolences,


Clang Clang

Be Kind, Rewind.

It’s been a long winter.  And to remind us of the coming seasons that don’t include snow, how about some photos that never really made it last year, when they were actually taken.  These didn’t get posted mostly out of laziness, or the fact that we forgot we had a blog.

Right arm.  Here we go then.

After the Horror-fest which was the Harbour Cross, a few Manitobans made the journey southward to the great Canadian mecca of Minneapolis for the Minnesota State Championship.  They were greeted with poor conditions.  See here:

The Taints of Steel however, settled for the more rural venue of Grand Forks.

Fresh from the winter storms of State CX Championships, Dan and Gary decided to overtake the field in Grand Forks on their way back, followed by New Yorke.

It was a pretty slow start to the race, either that or Farm Arms decided to keep well back in the field.  Your call.

New Yorke on the other hand was rather speedy.  Too fast for cameras over the lone barrier.

Next on the docket was the Provincial championships, with the Citizens race up first, and early.

This right here is the face of your Citizen’s class Bronze Medalist.

Which isn’t much of an accomplishment when there are only six people to race against.

Other categories had loads more competition.

Der Frauenschwarm avoids the steep hills and the crushing criticism of the crowd.

New Yorke decides to run the ditch, a move that proved fruitful in the end - o .

Krobby showing her good side, had this picture been from the other side you would have seen the damage done from an epic crash.  I think the pain is in the grimace.  From what I remember she still medalled. 

Then came the winter….and with it….the nordic cross.

Cro-mag looks real good on this icy switchback.

And then crashed like everyone else on all the rest of them.

Special tea made the end of the race all that much better.  Followed by fits and mayo from fantastic people a the Belgian Club.

For the coming year, a little inspiration, a motto even:

Long live the Taints!

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